Achieve personal and professional goals.

I’m Mark Peacock
Personal Coach

The first question I ask my clients is, “What are you hoping to gain from coaching?”

This is important because coaching is all about what you want and where you want to go.

This Is Your Life and You Get to Choose How to Live It

If you want to live a life that satisfies you in all areas, then it can be yours. I am here to guide you along the way, but remember all change comes from you.

Ultimately you know what you want and my role is to help you get it.

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Which of these areas would you like to focus on?

Personal Goals
  • How do you feel about your present situation?
  • How much enjoyment are you experiencing in life?
  • What would be your ideal situation?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve it?
Work Goals
  • How satisfied are you with your career?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?
  • How solid are your plans for career advancement?
  • How secure are you in your choices?
Relationship Goals
  • How strong are your relationships in all aspects of your life?
  • How do you choose to interact with others?
  • How do you want to be in the world?
  • What stands in the way?

Like to go it alone?

There is always my book.

Forgive or Forget It

The Sky's The Limit When You Allow Your Aspirations To Take Flight.

An insightful and practical guide to help you formulate a plan in order to make positive steps towards accomplishing your goals.

Would you like an opportunity to shift how you view your current situation? Would you like to create success, and change your life forever?

If the answer to either, or both, of these questions is yes, then Forgive or Forget It is the book for you!

I first met author Mark Peacock at one of my 10-10-10 presentations, and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to learn of his highly inventive “Forgive” method. Through this process I uncovered parts of myself that I would not have thought about from this perspective before. It has shifted how I view my own situation in life, and now you have the opportunity to change yours.

The “Forgive” method will challenge you to examine how you interact with your world, and how your perceptions can affect you in a profound way. Mark’s creative approach to coaching you towards modifying your stress into success will help you to discover alternative ways of viewing age-old questions. Mark asks you to think about where you want to go, and what success looks like for you. And then he asks you to consider what stands in your way.

In addition, in a rare mix of vulnerability and practicality, Mark reveals some of the situations he has faced in the past, and continues to struggle with in his own journey towards personal achievement. In a straightforward, no-holds-barred fashion, Mark uses his signature “Forgive” method to guide you towards personal victory in whatever way you wish to achieve it. In a light comedic approach, Mark offers a series of exercises to help you uncover what it is you want, as well as numerous practical suggestions to help you along the way.

I highly recommend Forgive or Forget It, and encourage you to dive in right away. You will not regret it.

Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author

Some Positive Feedback That Encourages Me

Nancy Athey
Senior Manager, Partner Development, Professional Services Firm

Mark is a dedicated and insightful coach. He has a way of getting to the heart of what really matters for his coachees, and skillfully guides them to achieve what didn't seem possible. A real game changer.

Thomas Widstrand
Vice Principal, TDSB

Working with Mark has been fantastic. I often had a hard time clearly understanding what didn’t work, and when I was inadvertently setting myself up to fail. Mark’s techniques helped me to recognize and address these obstacles as part of an ongoing process, and that made all the difference.

Daphne Fernandes
Principal, Edge Search Partners Inc.

Mark brings warmth, empathy and clarity to every interaction, and is an excellent storyteller. His insights and direction, coupled with the utmost professionalism, are always on point. As an executive recruiter I can say that these are definitely the qualities necessary to work with clients.

Laura Brehaut
Food Reporter, National Post

Whether in print or in person, Mark always brings a unique combination of humor, keen observation and seriousness to his work.

Jen Pratt
Supervising Producer

Mark is a truly wonderful soul. Not only is he a creative force, but he cares deeply about every project he takes on. Mark's work ethic is admirable and his writing is inspired. I have always looked up to him and leaned on him for his powerful prose.